Built on 55,250 sqm with a covered area of 27,000 sqm, CIMTAS Ningbo enjoys 1,5 Million Dia-inch per annum production capacity. Facilities comprise five fabrication bays including segregated bays for stainless steel fabrication, cold bending up to 8”, blasting, painting, passivation and pickling facilities, heat treatment, Gama and X-ray cabins and CNC prefabrication machinery, as well as, destructive and non-destructive examination laboratories and an extensive welding training center. CIMTAS Ningbo utilizes advanced welding technology, enterprise resource planning and management information systems, integrated QA/QC systems and full traceability in procurement and production to ensure operational excellence.

One of the core values of CIMTAS Ningbo is its dedication to the quality and meeting or exceeding its customer’s needs. CIMTAS Ningbo’s engaged quality control team is using Grip Tight Plug for Hydro and Pneumatic tests up to 1000 bar capacity. With this significant testing advantage, CIMTAS Ningbo can guarantee the highest quality pipe work to its clients. 



Zhejiang ICP No. 05089752-1
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